Elegant White Dress OZL 24032

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Elegant White Dress OZL 24032

AED 2,995.00 Sale Save
Size 4 Years Dresses Size Guide

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Lily Dress

Elegantly designed for your charming young ones, the Via Bambino Lily Dress is a mesmerizing blend of sophistication, comfort and a dash of sparkle. This priceless attire is perfect for special occasions that demand a touch of uniqueness and elegance.

The dress embodies a predominant White hue, ideally suited for young girls finding their sense of style. The layering of the dress cascades down beautifully, whisking your child into a fairy tale. The bodice features an intricate pattern of gold thread embroidery, adding an appeal of grandeur that every child dreams of.

Extra enhancements come in the form of delicate gold accents interspersed across the dress, reflecting an array of golden sunsets when hit by sunlight. The skirt portion flutters with an overlay of soft tulle that offers a dreamy and princess-like appeal.

In the Lily dress, your little girl will see herself as the princess she is destined to be. The mirror will reflect an image of an assured, cheerful child draped in a stylish, comfortable, and eye-catching dress. Above all, the Via Bambino Lily Dress ensures a splendid blend of charm, comfort, and durability that a growing child needs.

Every Lily Dress tells its own story; it's more than just a garment – it's a memory waiting to unfold! Let your little lady create her own magical tales in the imagination-stirring Via Bambino Lily Dress.

This ravishing dress suits any special occasion like parties, gatherings, or picture days, ensuring your child feels as special as they truly are. Here at Via Bambino, we believe fashion is an accessory for someone with great style, and the Lily Dress is a testament to this belief.

NB: Gentle wash recommended, do not bleach, tumble dry low.