Our company was established in garment in 1978 as family-run business KOUDMANI CO producing kids wear and ready-made clothing under the labile of KID COOL.

It grew rapidly distributing in most of the middle eastern countries.

Today KOUDMANI CO is a well-known company in both the local and international markets.in addition to its own brands: SALY, KID COOL, VIA BAMBINO, and MINI BOSS. Koudmani Co produces apparels under controlling from the famous Italian brand.

KOUDMAN CO had grown rapidly since its establishment by the addition of new production lines such as embroidery lines. fabric dyeing, and printing. the key to our success is the in-house production of the complete cycle utilizing factories that are equipped with modern computerized machines, and employing a team of skilled workers.



To produce fashionable clothing.

To produce height quality detailed clothing.

To produce clothing and kids apparel starting with the tiniest infants to toddlers and juniors.

To be creative and unique in the clothing we produce, to control the whole production cycle.

To produce the latest European fashions and designs with the best fabric possible.


Quality comes first.

Teamwork spirit.

Close customer relationship.

Customer satisfaction.

Our hard work and seriousness contributed to our success.

Our uniqueness is due to management's commitment and controls of the whole product cycle of producing clothing and apparels, from the idea and the modern concept which is created by our highly skilled designers, through our working team who interprets this idea into a piece of art, passing through pattern making, cutting, manufacturing, and sampling, give the garment all its necessary needs, from dying treatments, printing, embroidering, and accessories , until we reach the end of process by our detailed and very careful quality control, which results a perfect price of garment.

What makes Koudmani Co different?

Unique rang or products.

Impeccable quality and design The koudmani co-creativity and design team continually travels to the main international children's fashion fair and show. looking for trendy new fabric and design to inspire new lines.

A complete experience:

coming to the Houdini retail store gives one an option of choosing products to fill up an entire room. with plenty of options in hand, the customer experience is enriched.

Customer service :

taking care of their needs and working on their demand, following up with them, providing adequate information. We try to treat the customer to the best service, since being a koudmani co-customer, they surely deserve it.

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